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What are Company Retreats?

A fresh, new positive experience aimed at strengthening employees' relationship with their company and their colleagues.

A corporate staff retreat whether local or overseas is the best way to open up dialogs between employees and an opportunity for leaders to get away from the pressure of their day to day work and envision a new future for their impact and for their organization. Bonding in a relaxed environment, get to know each other better, set new company goals are a few of the benefits of organizing company retreats.

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Local Hotels and Famous Places

Lockdown or not, staying in grandiose places in Singapore are a treat itself! 

For a minimum of 2 Days and 1 Night, take your company and colleagues on a well-deserved retreat to show them the appreciation they need.

Overseas Retreats

Everything is open, getaway from Singapore itself to another country! 

For a minimum of 2 Days and 1 Night, take your company and colleagues on a well-deserved retreat to show them the appreciation they need.

Overseas Hotels and Famous Places

Management Incentive Retreats

Both Local and Overseas Options

The Best in your Team should be treated the Best! A higher class retreat where everything is catered for to utmost highest quality!

For a minimum of 2 Days and 1 Night, take your company and colleagues on a well-deserved retreat to show them the appreciation they need.

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Corporate Team Building in Singapore

Team building retreats has a fine balance between the goals of the company and bonding. Company retreats mostly include bringing some parts or the whole group somewhere for enjoyment and entertainment purposes. Bond becomes stronger as you remove yourself from the daily hustle of the workspace. We help you make such events for your company and engage them in company team bonding activities, exercises, icebreakers, and games.

The Goal Of Retreats:

Retreats are a great way to make the employees get into a stronger bond than before as it makes them play and have fun with each other. The goal of retreat could be anything like just making your employees know each other. However, the way we organize a retreat for your employees makes it an ultimate and successful experience for you.

It is for developing communication between the teams and across the teams of different departments. Another of the retreat goal is to resolve if there is any tension between the employees.

Team Elevate is here to arrange a company retreat for your employees and help you align the employees on the company culture. In fact, A company team bonding activities is a great motivation for improving the sales of your employees.

Its major goals are;

  • Potential team collaboration and communication
  • Optimization and innovation
  • Bonding in between the teams of the company
  • Resolving stress between the team members
  • Identifying if there is something stuck in the company and fixing it

Corporate team building Singapore provides you with several retreats option that benefits your company in several ways.


AXA Corporate Teambuilding

Tom Fuller

Human Resource Manager

We wanted to organize our first ever company retreat to treat our wonderful staff who did so well. Team Elevate hooked us up at Harris Resort Barelang on a 3 Day 2 Night stay! With smooth boat rides and incredible teambuilding activities, it was really a retreat to remember for our team.

We had so many departments and staff coming together for this 2 Day retreat, at first we thought it would have been a logistical nightmare. But Team Elevate, truly helped us to pull through by being so amazingly flexible and accommodative to us that, it truly ran without a hiccup! Will recommend for any kind of events!

MOH Corporate Teambuilding

Caleb Chang

HR and Operations Senior Executive

DBS Corporate Teambuilding

Naomi Sanchez

VP of Risk Management

Our trip to Taiwan was easily taken care of by Team Elevate from start to finish! From itineraries to shopping areas to teambuilding activities, it was a great and easy time to plan this out with you guys! Kudos and we hope to see you at the next one too!

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