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Please take part in our Virtual Amazing race, which can be attended virtually! Explore, learn and create, and be challenged together as you travel around the globe through the power of online communication.

Teams will take part in an Amazing virtual race to see secret locations worldwide by using an existing virtual meeting platform such as Zoom Meetings. The meeting host will explain all the proceedings, followed by an amazing globetrotting story, and give hints to the first location.

Teams will be pre-assigned and placed in separate 'Team breakout quarters,' where they will plan and allocate tasks. In each place, teams will be tasked with completing a series of tasks and fact-finding missions to advance in the race. The team with the best time wins!



Our Virtual Amazing Race is not just a standard race but heavily focuses on team building components to bolster your group’s teamwork!

Innovative activities for all

Teams are challenged not mentally but physical activities that they need to complete as a team! A truly innovative take on a virtual game!


By pushing values such as physical exercise, communication, critical thinking and competitiveness, we aim to give your group a memorable event of unified growth!



Starting at:


Min-max number

10 - 200



1.5 - 3





additional add ons


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Let us find a catered meal for you. We can even deliver it individually to all your houses

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Want to raise the stakes for your event? Allow us get prizes for you! We cab even deliver individually to your houses



Virtual Team Building Activities in Singapore

Why You Should Consider Amazing Race Virtual?

The race we are offering here at Team Elevate is not something typical. In fact, it is particularly set as a virtual team building activity with a game major focuses on team building and employee engagement.

There are several challenges included that make the members engage and discuss things with each other in a creative way. This way, their engagement increases, and bonds get stronger.

Its major benefits include;

Team Work:

You need to go through several secret locations being a part of our amazing race worldwide. Everyone will join meetings on certain platforms where the host explains things for proceeding with the game. The globetrotting story gets followed with some clues to the first location.

Everyone in the meeting needs to discuss the strategies, do combine efforts, and plan accordingly to win. This way, the amazing race will increase teamwork and collaboration between the workers of the company.


Amazing race virtual is one of the virtual team building activities that help your workers have enhanced and better communication with each other. We make the team share essential insights and ideas for solving the challenges and cues given by the meeting host. They need to communicate to share the ideas according to the story to cope with the challenge and winning the race.

The amazing race demands the teams to have coordination and communication with each other. So all the shy people in the company do communicate and solve mysteries.

Problem Solving:

The amazing race helps the members to get into their problem solving mode. It demands them to get into the storyline and thick accordingly. This way, their core focus is the race, and they think strategically to solve every point of the race and end up solving it..



Lonza Pharma and Biotech

Darren Tey

Operations Manager

We had to organize a last minute virtual teambuilding for 40 pax as 2020 came to a close and Team Elevate managed to pull it off in spectacular fashion! All of us had a real fun blast and we have nothing but good things to say about the facilitators and the games!

Ever since we tried to have one teambuilding sessions with Team Elevate, we have not stopped since! All our different departments have enjoyed the activities that they have prepared, all from our newest members to our management teams! We will definitely be back for more!

AStar Sim Tech Teambuilding

Farzanah Begum

Senior Officer for Development and Engagement

Madam Tussauds Corporate Teambuilding

Arianti Amalina

Human Resource Officer

Team Elevate and Energize Singapore brought us an incredible Laser Tag Shootout Teambuilding Experience with our whole entire staff team! They were super accommodating to the many elements that we had to have during our Great Shootout Session. They handled it for amazing care and professionalism all around! Highly recommend!

Thank you so much to Team Elevate for organizing our teambuilding event on such short notices! So many of our departments are having a great time bonding with each other, we are coming back for more! Also, with so many restrictions to take note of, they handled it with such delicate care and professional standards! 

Corporate Teambuilding

Jurgen Carlson

Senior Partner and Management Head

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