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Our online virtual team building programs are designed for boosting engagement and collaboration in a team with just your computer and internet connection. Everyone knows that the remote workforce all around the world is already happening and it is predicted to soon be the main arrangement for majority of offices for the next few years. In the past few years, everyone is also beginning to understand the importance of an online workforce for their organization. Team Elevate is here to help the companies with their online team building. We provide remote teams with the chance to strengthen their bond in a virtual manner. These team bonding activities will also help make them cooperate with each other effectively. Alongside, the fun and entertaining aspects of enjoying your team building games online was not taken away.

Team Building Online Games for Employees:

We have special team building games online that not only engage but entertain the members at the same time. These games are thoroughly planned out, so we ensure that they are very well tested. Besides, our long-term experience in the team bonding industry will ensure that everything works nicely for your organization. Team elevate has super fun games to engage the employees in an entertaining manner. We totally understand that physical meetings and face-to-face interactions are on hold, so the best way to keep the team away from feeling demotivated and disengaged is by making them play games. So we designed various team building online games that are a great way to entertain and engage the employees. Besides this, we also have several other online team building activities that engage the employees in many ways. You will get an enriching experience with us as we also have accelerated experience with more than 30 different companies. Our prompt response time helps you stay connected with us always and get updates about things.



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Our Top 3 "Most Popular" Online Teambuilding Activities

1st Place

Corporate Teambuilding


Race all around the world from the comfort of your own home!

Take on team challenges both physical and mental fun for all ages!

2nd Place


You are in the team of the Greatest Vanguards of the Celestial Heavens! The 12 Zodiac Animals have escaped from the Celestial Heavens to different places in Singapore! It is up to you to work as a team in order to catch every single one of the animals back before it is too late!

3rd Place


A group of Cultists have infiltrated the highest ranks of Nuclear Facilities around the world, they have set a countdown to launch all Nuclear Missiles Worldwide in 105 minutes! It is up to you to stop them!


Lonza Pharma and Biotech

Darren Tey

Operations Manager

We had to organize a last minute virtual teambuilding for 40 pax as 2020 came to a close and Team Elevate managed to pull it off in spectacular fashion! All of us had a real fun blast and we have nothing but good things to say about the facilitators and the games!

Ever since we tried to have one teambuilding sessions with Team Elevate, we have not stopped since! All our different departments have enjoyed the activities that they have prepared, all from our newest members to our management teams! We will definitely be back for more!

AStar Sim Tech Teambuilding

Farzanah Begum

Senior Officer for Development and Engagement

Madam Tussauds Corporate Teambuilding

Arianti Amalina

Human Resource Officer

Team Elevate and Energize Singapore brought us an incredible Laser Tag Shootout Teambuilding Experience with our whole entire staff team! They were super accommodating to the many elements that we had to have during our Great Shootout Session. They handled it for amazing care and professionalism all around! Highly recommend!

Thank you so much to Team Elevate for organizing our teambuilding event on such short notices! So many of our departments are having a great time bonding with each other, we are coming back for more! Also, with so many restrictions to take note of, they handled it with such delicate care and professional standards! 

Corporate Teambuilding

Jurgen Carlson

Senior Partner and Management Head

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